Sunset Drive - Short Film

Sunset Drive - Short Film

TITLE: Sunset Drive

PRODUCTION YEAR and STATUS: Completed in 2022 (feature in development)

WRITER / DIRECTOR: Michael Thomas DeLano

PRODUCERS: Michael Thomas DeLano, Loan Thach

TYPE: Fiction, Short Film

GENRE: Sci-Fi, Action, Horror

RUNTIME: 19:28


Humans and an invasive alien species have come to a stalemate. Humans in rural areas can only survive at night with a shield built from alien tech. When marauders steal an older couple’s shield power source it doesn't take long for them to realize they might have messed with the wrong old couple.


I miss the simple yet impactful action and sci-fi movies of the 80's and the gritty dark cinema of the 70's and I think audiences do as well. We are at peak super hero and franchise reboot fatigue and people are looking for fun unique films to help them escape.

Sunset Drive is a proof of concept for the next generation of filmmaking that brings cinematic action, grit and unique strong characters back to the big screen. We have a long term, tight-knit crew, battle tested in the automotive commercial industry and we wanted to push ourselves to do something big and maybe beyond what might be possible on a small budget.

As film fans we included core movie elements made us fall in love with movies in the first place. Car chases, aliens, gun fights and clashes between hard ass strong characters. Sunset Drive is a small taste of the bigger world that will be fleshed out in the feature film. We are scrappy high gloss, creative, hardworking film lovers and this is our calling card.

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