VW Beetle Dune Reveal Video & Photography

Condensing creative development, production planning, a wild six-day shoot, and an extremely tight post-production schedule might be taxing but it’s often necessary. Despite an aggressive timeline, COTU successfully delivered a thrilling auto show introduction video for Volkswagen’s Beetle Dune along with photo and video assets for use by the worldwide automotive press. As you might imagine, it isn’t easy to coordinate with the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Nevada and California Highway Patrol, and Nevada Parks Department, let alone managing a fleet of prototype vehicles and the Desert Dingo race team while traversing over 1,700 miles, five locations, and a slew of environmental obstacles. And yet, those efforts yielded 7500 still images and hours of cinema-quality video, which were then distilled into their finest essence and delivered to an appreciative client. Totally worth it.