Kelly Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book isn’t just the preeminent name in automotive pricing and information, it’s also the client with which we’ve enjoyed the longest relationship. While during that time we have produced videos for their public relations, social media, and sales departments, it’s our award-winning work with the Kelley Blue Book editorial team that has resonated with viewers. With our help, Kelley Blue Book has experienced massive growth in YouTube viewership and website traffic ( while also racking up an impressive stash of awards, including the distinguished Dean Batchelor.

Having collaborated with COTU Media on over 50 videos, what impresses me the most is the energy they bring to every project. The entire crew have creative ideas, a solid work ethic, and positive attitude regardless of how simple the shoot. I’m very fortunate to do what I love for a living, and working with the team from COTU make up a huge part of that satisfaction.
Lyn Woodward, Editor/Host
Kelly Blue Book


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