The videos we produce for KUKA Robotics are essentially mini documentaries, documenting worldwide customer success stories. Leveraging our nerdy infatuation with robots, we document the triumphs and challenges facing business owners, capturing the sheer awesomeness and innovation of cutting edge robotic technology. Working with KUKA has also afforded us an opportunity to expand our reach into live events. We love watching robots create sparks, but mixing camera feeds on the fly for in-booth video screens and live-streaming is a thrill all its own.

I've worked with the creative professionals at COTU for more than 7 years, preferring their video and media services over all others for that entire period of time. As I've changed roles and companies, they are the only external agency who I've continued to work with — a huge testament to the quality and consistency of their work as well as their loyalty to clients. They have the right attitude, are super collaborative, create a great product, are very reasonable and are always there to get your back when pushed up against a deadline. Out of the dozens of media crews I've worked with, only COTU has stood the test of time.
Nick Chambers, Global Content Manager HQ Comms + PR
Kuka Robotics